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14 / 07 / 2021


- Make your own bamboo candle

Bamboo is a product that fits in well with the circular economy. This concept is often used when talking about sustainability and the reuse of materials in order to produce as little waste as possible. When burning candles, you are often left with a stump that you can't use. Instead of throwing it away, you can collect it and melt it down to make a new candle. This is how we made bamboo candles from two leftover pieces.

To make a bamboo candle, you need old candles and leftover bamboo. We have sanded off a piece of bamboo so that it can lie flat. You can use half rings to make a stand for the candle.

Don't have a piece of bamboo left over, but want to work with candle remnants? Then you can also make a Semicircular bamboo pole You can buy a container and put two partitions in it with cardboard. Another option is to buy a meter piece of bamboo buy and use the rest of the bamboo for one of our other DIY's.


- Candle residues

- Bamboo pieces with 2 nodes

- At least 2 wicks

- Plastic pegs and wooden stirring sticks or fuse holders

- Two small pans that fit together

Step 1.

Find a leftover piece of bamboo to use for your candle. Make sure there are no cracks in it. Use a semi-circular piece with at least two partitions. To make sure this piece stands properly, you can choose to sand it flat at the bottom. You can also look at halving a bamboo ring and use it as a stand for the candle.

Step 2

Fill your largest pan with some water and put the other pan in it. Then put the candle remnants in the smaller pan. Now this can melt 'au bain-marie'. Don't put the heat too high, but let it warm up slowly.

Photo 2
DIY - Making your own bamboo candle 5

Step 3.

With a little glue or double-sided tape, you can attach the wicks to the bottom. Secure them to the top with wick holders or use two stirring sticks and pegs to hold them upright.

imgio 1

Step 4.

When the candle remnants have melted completely, you can remove them from the fire for a moment. Let it cool down a little so that it just doesn't solidify. Then the candle wax is ready to be poured.

Step 5.

Pour the candle wax into your bamboo. Take care not to spill any. If you do spill, it is best to let it harden. You can then scrape it off. Now you have to wait until the candle has hardened.

Photo 3

Step 6.

When your candle has completely hardened and cooled down, you can remove the wick holders or pegs. Cut your wick at about 2 cm above the candle. Now your candle is completely finished!


You can use essential oils to give your candle a scent. Only add these just before you pour it off, so that as little fragrance as possible is lost.

Photo 4
DIY - Making your own bamboo candle 6

Please note: This candle is primarily intended as an ornamental candle. You can light it, but make sure that the wick is not too long. A longer wick means a larger flame and therefore a fire hazard. Never leave burning candles unattended.

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