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21 / 04 / 2021


- Making your own bamboo headboard

This week, we tell you how to get this super cool headboard from LaVieLaLinda DIY. This headboard will give your bedroom a rustic, romantic and natural look. Want to make it complete? Then fill your bedroom with plants, use different materials and colours or hang beautiful decorations on the frame. In this way you can turn your bedroom into a complete oasis of peace, entirely to your taste.


-       18x MOSO Ø 8-9 300cm posts

-       2x Manila rope 6mm x 25 metres

-      2x Bamboo board natural 3 layers 20mm

- Power drill

- Dowels and screws of at least 15cm because of the thickness of the bamboo poles

-        Japanese saw or electric hand saw

- Pencil & tape measure

Linda uses 300cm posts, but depending on how big your bed is, you can of course use smaller posts. For this room, the Moso posts are the most beautiful, but again, this can also be done with Guadua orBlack Java poles. For Linda's bed, we supplied made-to-measure sheet material. If you cannot work out the dimensions of your bed, you can also use our sawing service. At our Instagram is on the IGTV a video of the steps involved in making this headboard. We have made screenshots of this video to create a visual step-by-step plan.

So before you start, it is important that you plan everything out well. Make a sketch of what it will look like. Take various considerations into account: how wide is your bed and how wide is your room. But above all: do you want to put your bedside tables in front of the headboard? Then, of course, you need to measure the posts longer. Make sure you really have a clear idea of how you want it, because there is a lot of variation. Linda uses extra long poles here because she wants her cupboards in front of them too.

Get going!

Step 1. Measuring posts

First measure your bed and calculate how long you want the posts to be. The best is about 20cm excess on both sides of your bed. Then mark this on 15 of the posts. For one pole, add another 20 cm because it will be placed on the two uprights. For the frame, you also measure how high you want it to be: often this is just under the ceiling. To look good, take 20cm off the height of your ceiling. This way you still have room for the beam on top and you're not sitting directly against the ceiling.

Step 2. Sawing posts to size

Saw the poles to size. You can use an electric hand saw like Linda, or a Japanese saw. Keep the scraps as they can be used to make fun things! Linda made a stool out of this, but you can also make a planter or pencil case out of it.

Step 3. Planning your headboard

Lay out all the poles and see which ones you want to use where. Bamboo is a natural product so there will always be variations in colour and shape. It is therefore a good idea to make a plan of how you want them all to look before you start binding.

Step 4. Mounting the headboard

Wrap the poles together with the manila rope. Use a weaving technique in which you alternate between winding up and down. In this way, you weave the rope from top to bottom and from bottom to top again. Do this in at least four places on the beams. That way you can be sure it is really sturdy.


Step 5. Final check before placement

Measure the poles with the frame and make sure everything fits. This is the time when you can still make adjustments before it is attached.

Step 6 & 7. Fixing to the wall

Attach the two posts of the frame to the wall. This way you can be sure that your headboard cannot fall over. Make sure you screw it into the wall at the top and bottom. The best way to screw into the wall is to drill a hole and put a plug in it. The bamboo should be pre-drilled so that you can easily drill a screw into it. Now it's time to attach the headboard. Screw it to the wall at the bottom and the top to make sure it's in the right place.

Step 8. Final finishing touches

Now it's time for the final step: attach your bamboo sheets at several points to the top beam of the headboard. Again, make sure that you pre-drill the bamboo. This prevents splitting and tearing of the bamboo. This gives you a nice little shelf to put things on. At this step, it's also time to attach the top beam to the frame with screws. It is nice to finish the frame at the corners with manilla rope.

Step 9. Done!

Now it's time to put your bed against it and do the styling.

What a cool result in Linda's bedroom! It really is a beautiful whole. From the leftover material, Linda made a handy stool. There you can see that Linda finished it off with inbetweens and created her own little paradise!

You can find Linda on Instagram as @lavielalinda and on her website

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