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14 / 10 / 2017


How to make a bamboo gutter?

Bamboo gutters are an ecological alternative to metal and plastic gutters and are often used in tropical areas where bamboo grows naturally and is abundant. However, bamboo gutters can also be used in our climate but do not last as long as conventional gutters (unless they are used decoratively to complement an existing gutter).

Bamboo gutters can be used, for example, to rainwater harvesting and irrigating a small vegetable garden. The rainwater can be easily stored if it flows through a drain connected by a pipe to a rainwater tank or container.

A bamboo gutter consists of a bamboo pole cut in half with the partitions removed. This half bamboo pole is then fixed to the roof edge by means of wooden, iron or plastic brackets, in which the bamboo gutter rests.

bamboo rainwater gutter

Dimensions of bamboo gutters and downpipes

The width of the bamboo rainwater gutter is determined by the roof area and the slope of the roof, while the drain pipe diameter is proportional to the roof area and gutter width. In the table below, you can determine the correct gutter width and drain pipe diameter corresponding to the roof area:

Roof area (m²)Gutter width (cm)Drainage diameter (cm)

The depth of the bamboo gutter is approximately half of the gutter width. For example, if the gutter is 13 centimetres wide, then the depth should be approximately 6.5 cm.

The diameter of the drain pipe is proportional to the volume of rainwater collected in the gutter; if the drain pipe is too small, the rainwater could overflow.

Cutting a bamboo gutter to size

  1. Measure the total length of the roof and cut the halved bamboo pole to measure.
  2. Lay the halved bamboo pole on a flat surface and mark where to cut. Draw a pencil line all the way around the outside of the bamboo pole.
  3. Wrap a piece of strong tape around the bamboo where it is to be cut to prevent splinters.
  4. Cut the bamboo with a fine handsaw or table saw.
  5. Remove the adhesive tape from the bamboo gutter.
  6. Close both ends of the half bamboo pole with a wooden plank cut to size. Fasten the wooden plank with nails and finish the inside with a layer of silicone.
  7. Attach the bamboo gutter to the roof (see methods below).
bamboo rain gutter
DIY - How to make a bamboo gutter? 5

Installation of a bamboo gutter

There are different ways to attach bamboo gutters to a roof structure, the following illustrations show the most common examples:

1. Attach the bamboo gutter to bamboo rafters using wooden gutter holders.

2. Attach the bamboo gutter to wooden rafters using wooden gutter holders.

3. Attach the bamboo gutter to a wooden roof edge.

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