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15 / 09 / 2021

Circular Economy

at the ABC in Haarlem

In the ABC, Architecture and Building History Centre Haarlem, there are various exhibitions and displays relating to architecture throughout the year. But also lectures, symposiums, discussions, workshops and also children's parties. At the ABC It is about architecture and urban planning, and all art forms that are related to them; interior architecture, urban planning, spatial planning, and garden and landscape architecture. What is special is that you can enter the ABC with a museum year card; because it does not have a permanent collection, it is not officially a museum.

At the ABC, there was a focus on sustainability and the circular economy. Sustainable living starts with your home. How sustainable do you live? Is it a house on natural gas or are you fully electric? Maybe even with your own solar panels on your roof. There are many ways to pay attention to sustainability in your home. An important concept here is circular economy. This comes from the philosophy that you can recycle, reuse or give a new function to all products.

The idea: two rooms. It starts with anything but circularity. Bulky waste containers, disposable products, plastics or other products that are harmful to nature. The second room shows how you can improve this. Replace the bad materials for the sustainable alternative and you are a lot closer to a sustainable life. For an ordinary brick, for example, there are several sustainable alternatives. There is also room for sustainable solutions in and around the house.

This is how bamboo came into play. Bamboo is of course the sustainable wood substitute. Now not so often seen in western architecture, there are nevertheless many ways to incorporate bamboo into your home. For example, attention has been paid to a bamboo drainage system by using bamboo as a drainpipe. Inspiration for this comes from this blog. It explains in detail how to make it yourself.

Bamboo is not only in the 'raw' form sustainable. Although the processed bamboo is no longer CO2 negative, it is still a much more sustainable alternative than (hard) wood. With the bamboo panel material, the indoor possibilities are endless, but also the bamboo decking and cladding is versatile. With durability class 1 (EN 350:2016) and a 25 year guarantee, you get the luxury hardwood look, but still an environmentally friendly product. It is also CO2 neutral, so as much CO2 is emitted during import to the Netherlands as is absorbed by the bamboo during its lifetime.

There are several lectures on circular building at the ABC during this exhibition.

Wednesday, 15 September: From BakkeRij to Veerplas
Wednesday 22 September: Biobased materials
Thursday 30 September: Circular Building
More about the lectures can be here find. The exhibition runs until 10 October.

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Circular Economy at the ABC in Haarlem 14
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