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Bamboo Import Europe
24 / 11 / 2019

Bamboo Terrace

Cleaning and Maintenance

Bamboo is a strong woody grass that is ideal for making hard decking. Bamboo decking gives a natural, peaceful look to your garden and can stand up to a lot of wear and tear. However, over time, a bamboo decking may age or become dirty. Good maintenance and a solid construction are important for keeping your terrace as beautiful as possible. But how do you do this?

Why is maintenance important?

Leaves, pollen, frost, rain or lots of sunlight are not your bamboo deck's best friends. Different weather conditions have a great impact on the appearance of the bamboo planks. As a result, the planks get weathered, dirty and may develop splinters and cracks. Of course you can tackle the cause, but this is often difficult with a decking that is usually placed outside.

bamboo decking maintenance
1: New, 2: After six months, 3: After eighteen months, 4: After maintenance

New bamboo decking

bamboo floorboards nano ribbed and smooth
Bamboo Terrace Cleaning and Maintenance 8

A solid installation of your decking is important to keep it beautiful. Choosing the right type of decking is very important. The Bamboo Import NANO and THERMO Decking boards are the ideal choice for the construction of a terrace or decking. The boards are made from compressed bamboo fibres with a special, patented treatment process. This makes them the strongest, hardest and most durable decking on the market.

Our bamboo decking boards are pre-oiled and are very durable: at least 25 years in contact with the ground is no problem. Furthermore, due to their special treatment process, bamboo decking does not suffer any damage due to rot, decay, mould or insects. With both planks you can choose the ribbed or smooth side of the plank. Do you choose the smooth side? Then, however, possible deformation due to weathering will be slightly more visible.

Bamboo decking treatment

Also with THERMO and NANO bamboo floorboards As with all tropical hardwoods, the typical bamboo structure will become greyish and faded. It is therefore necessary to treat the planks with an exterior oil at least once a year. For this purpose we developed the Bamboo Shield outside oil.

Exterior Bamboo Shield oil is useful for both the basic treatment and maintenance of new and already oiled bamboo boards. The oil brings out the natural colour and bamboo grain. In addition, it provides a strong water and dirt resistant surface, UV protection and slows down the formation of fungi and algae. Do you already have a bamboo decking in your garden? Then you can also use the exterior oil to refresh the decking and bring back the original colour of the bamboo.

Cleaning bamboo terraces

In addition to treatment, cleaning your bamboo decking is always a good idea. Keep the decking clean by sweeping away all leaves and other loose debris with the broom. Splinters and roughness can be reduced by cleaning the decking with a special silicon carbide broom or a machine with silicon carbide writing.

In addition, cleaning your decking is also recommended in order to keep it in good condition. You do this by rinsing warm water over the boards, together with a mild detergent. This way you can easily remove all the dirt from the boards with a non-metallic stiff brush. Rinse again with plenty of water. Then let the shelves dry. Are the boards really dry? Then apply a layer of Bamboo Shield to bring the colour back to its natural state. This should only be done when it is dry: both the decking and the weather have to be dry. After treatment with the oil, no rain should fall for at least 48 hours.

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