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04 / 08 / 2021

10 Bamboo Roller Blinds

and Wicker Blinds inspiration

Roller blinds are available in many different designs, but Bamboo Import deliberately chooses roller blinds that are made from natural materials such as reed and bamboo. This environmentally-friendly window decoration can be used both indoors and outdoors and creates a warm and tropical atmosphere in the house or garden. A big advantage of natural roller blinds is that they are easy to make to size, also fixing and maintaining them is very simple.

Our curtains provide a natural and tropical atmosphere in the garden, on the terrace, on a canopy, pergola, gazebo, jacuzzi or conservatory and give excellent protection against the sun, heat, sound, wind and prying eyes. Our durable and environmentally conscious solar roller blinds are designed to create privacy while still allowing light to enter. We always have a blind in our range that fits your living situation.

Bamboo roller blinds are suitable as window decorations for both indoors and outdoors, but can also be used as rugs, wall or ceiling coverings, blinds, decorations, etc.

Our bamboo blinds are handmade with complete round bamboo stems that have been opened and pressed flat. This technique gives the roller blinds a unique tropical look where the natural outer layer and the rings of the bamboo stem are still clearly visible. Standard bamboo roller blinds for windows and doors are available in different sizes, but they can also easily be shortened in height or width. Our bamboo roller blinds are available in natural or black (dark brown) colour.

The natural roller blinds are temporarily also available in a Elegance version. This luxury version of our bamboo roller blinds is distinctive because of the thicker slats it is made of. There is more attention to the finishing and it has a more luxurious look. Make your roof or porch really an extension of your home, these exclusive blinds are because of the thickness and quality of the slats also suitable to regulate the temperature.

With thatched blinds can be a quick and affordable way to create more privacy and a cosy atmosphere. In addition, reed is a durable and natural material that keeps the heat out while still allowing you to enjoy subtle filtered light coming in. Our reed blinds are made of sturdy saltwater cane that is tied together with black palm rope. This construction makes it easy to roll up and unroll the blinds to the desired height. Because reed is a light material, these blinds are also easy to operate on wider windows.

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