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Bamboo stick Tonkin

Perfect for the sustainable garden and decoration

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Excellent as a planting stick

Available in different lengths

Nice and straight with little gradient

Very strong and thick-walled

Suitable for outdoor use

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Excellent as a planting stick

Available in different lengths

Nice and straight with little gradient

Very strong and thick-walled

Suitable for outdoor use

Bamboo stick Tonkin

0.40 - 8.99

Expected delivery time 2 - 7 working days
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Bamboo stick Tonkin

The thin Bamboo Stick Tonkin of 10-16 mm diameter is mostly used to support trees, plants and flowers, but also for creative purposes in schools, clubs, companies or in the home.

Tonkin bamboo cane is beautifully straight and dimensionally stable, so it has hardly any gradient over the entire length of the cane. Tonkin bamboo is thick-walled, which makes it suitable for outdoor use, even in contact with the ground.

Compared to the other Chinese bamboo species Moso, Tonkin bamboo canes are slightly paler (whiter) in colour.

Working with Bamboo

  1. Bamboo canes can be connected in many different ways. Most techniques involve the use of rope and/or threaded rods, but more advanced methods such as the fish-bill connection or mortise and tenon connection are also possible.
  2. If you want to use screws to mount bamboo poles, it is best to pre-drill them to avoid cracks.
  3. Cutting bamboo is best done with a Japanese saw. This special bamboo saw has hybrid teeth for easy, quick and precise cross-cutting and mitre cuts.
  4. If you want to place bamboo canes in the ground, we advise to apply Bamboo Soil Protector to the part that will be placed in the ground. This special black coating preserves the bamboo and protects against wood rot.


  1. The diameter of each bamboo stick varies. Our indicated measurements are always measured at the base (or the thickest side of the bamboo stick). If you require precise measurements to the millimetre, we advise you to come and pick out the bamboo canes yourself in our warehouse.
  2. A natural characteristic of bamboo canes is that they are thicker at the base than at the top. The course of the bamboo canes depends on the bamboo species and the length of the cane. The gradient of these tonkin canes is approximately a 10-15% over a length of 3 metres.
  3. Bamboo is a natural product, therefore bamboo canes are never 100% straight.
  4. Each tonneau stick is unique, so colour differences are possible.
  5. Vertical cracks can/will appear in bamboo canes, especially in outdoor use. Like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks with changes in temperature or humidity. However, cracks do not affect the structural integrity of the bamboo.
  6. When used outdoors, bamboo will start to grey. We therefore advise you to treat your bamboo canes annually with Booster, a specially developed natural oil that slows down the ageing process and thus increases the durability of bamboo. Bamboo Booster is easy to apply using our oil absorbent Care Wipes.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Bamboo species


Latin name

Pseudosasa amabilis






10-15% over a length of 3 metres

Diameter (measured at the thickest side)

10-16 mm, 18-20 mm, 20-22 mm, 26-28 mm, 28-30 mm, 28-32 mm, 30-35 mm


183 cm, 213 cm, 305 cm, 366 cm, 420 cm, 305 cm, 510 cm, 625 cm


± 100 gr, ± 435 gr, ± 460 gr, ± 600 gr, ± 870 gr, ± 700 gr, ± 1,1 kg, ± 1,4 kg





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