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Bamboo mat Black Budget

A more tropical look

  • Bamboo mat black Budget on roll - Header image4
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Mounted with sturdy steel wire

Easy to customise

Easy to install

Packed in a handy carrier bag


Mounted with sturdy steel wire

Easy to customise

Easy to install

Packed in a handy carrier bag

Bamboo mat Black Budget

39.99 - 75.99

Expected delivery time 2 - 7 working days
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Special attention for home and interior

Roller Blinds

natural and tropical atmosphere

Roller Blinds

natural and tropical atmosphere

Bamboo poles

countless opportunities

Bamboo poles

For home or office


General Bamboo mat Black Budget

Is your balcony in need of a makeover or do you want to give your garden a more tropical look? Then the Bamboo Mat Black Budget on a roll is the answer. This is because the bamboo mat looks great on the balcony and, with its density, also gives the balcony more privacy. Our Bamboo Mat Black Budget can also be used in various places, for example, customers use our mats as garden fencing and wall covering.

The Bamboo Mat Black Budget consists of durable nigra bamboo canes with a thickness of 20-30 millimeters. The canes are tapered and are therefore alternately placed with the thick and thin side next to each other. As mentioned earlier, this product can be used in many places, both indoors and outdoors and we offer the product in different sizes.


We recommend placing the bamboo mat budget at least 5 mm from the ground so that it does not remain in direct contact with wet soil. After all, this can cause black discolouration over time. During installation, you can, for example, use an edging board on which the bamboo mat can rest.

  1. To fix a bamboo mat against a wooden fence or wall, drill 4 mm holes through the bamboo canes, preferably using our special 4 mm bamboo drill. Do this about every 20 cm in a horizontal direction and screw down the bamboo mat with 4 x 50 mm stainless steel screws. Attention, fixed is fixed! Screw the bamboo mat to the top, middle and bottom for maximum stability.
  2. It is also possible to cover the bamboo mat with wire staples against a wooden fence or wall. Place the wire staples over the galvanised iron wires and hammer them into the wood. Do not drive the staples through the bamboo stems to avoid splitting them.
  3. Attaching a bamboo mat to mesh fencing is very easy using Tie ropes or tie-wraps. Bend the binding wires around the galvanised metal wire running through the bamboo mat and pull it tight to the metal fence.

Shortening of bamboo mats on a roll

  1. A big advantage of bamboo is that it is an easy material to work with. You can easily shorten the width of a bamboo mat on a roll by loosening the galvanised metal wires on the side. Then pull the desired amount of bamboo canes from the roll and fold the iron wires back in place, done!
  2. To adjust the height of the bamboo mat on roll, you can cut the bamboo canes. Preferably use a saw blade with fine teeth and tape the bamboo sticks with painter's tape to minimise the possible splintering of the bamboo.


In outdoor use bamboo will start to grey. If you want to prevent this, we advise to treat bamboo annually with Bamboo Protector, a specially developed UV-resistant stain that slows down the ageing process and thus increases the durability of the bamboo. You can apply this transparent bamboo stain immediately after installation.


  • Each bamboo cane is unique, so colour differences in a black bamboo mat are normal.
  • The diameter of each bamboo stick and the height and width of each bamboo mat may vary.
  • Vertical cracks can/will appear in bamboo mats. Just like wood, bamboo expands or shrinks with changes in temperature or humidity. However, cracks have no effect on the lifespan of the bamboo mat.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A


Bamboo species

Tonkin (Natural)

Latin name

Pseudosasa amabilis





Visibility density

About 60-70%


Galvanised steel wire






8 years

Diameter of sticks

10-30 mm

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