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bamboo floorboards

Bamboo decking for a real garden metamorphosis

Bamboo decking boards are an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Furthermore, bamboo decking boards for outdoor applications have a beautiful appearance and can be processed with the same tools used for regular wooden boards.

Our bamboo decking is of the highest durability class and on average lasts more than 25 years, is extremely hard, wear-, form- and torsion-resistant and has a high fire safety rating.

When you choose a bamboo decking, you choose a very beautiful and chic look. We can't stress it enough, a bamboo decking board lasts for a very long time. A sustainable choice. Bamboo decking boards provide a real eye catcher in the garden.
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The advantages of bamboo decking

Besides the fact that a bamboo decking looks very beautiful, there are even more advantages. Bamboo decking boards are ecologically responsible and CO2 neutral because they are made from a wonderful and inexhaustible raw material, bamboo of course!

Bamboo decking boards have a luxurious hardwood appearance and are easy to install. On the NANO and THERMO In addition, our decking boards come with a 25-year guarantee! The boards in our range are lightweight, but incredibly strong. This makes the boards suitable for various applications. Of course you can use them to build a nice decking or terrace, but they are also very suitable for a roof terrace. And what about bamboo flooring planks as wall covering? This is also easy to realise with our planks.

Another advantage of the planks, they are easy to install and process. The length of our bamboo decking boards is 1.85 metres. The planks are easy to saw to size and any splinters can be removed with the special silicon carbide broom or a machine with a silicon carbide disk.

Easy ordering of bamboo floorboards

An order for bamboo decking boards is easy to place in our webshop. We have different types of boards available. We have a brown variant and a very dark variant. You choose the right variant and can then easily calculate the number of boards you need for a complete decking. Once you know how many boards you need, it's easy to place an order.

When you choose Bamboo Import, you choose the best quality, the lowest price and direct import. This way you can be sure that you are choosing the best and most competitively priced bamboo flooring boards.

More information about our bamboo decking and related maintenance products can be found in the description of each product. Do you have any questions or want a quote, please do not hesitate to contact us.

If after reading the information on this page you still have questions about bamboo flooring boards or if you would like a quotation, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course you are also welcome to come and see the floorboards and pick them up directly at our location in Beverwijk.

To clean weathered/greyed bamboo.

Bamboo Renovator Natural/Black: 
To bring back the colour of greyed bamboo.

Bamboo Protector: 
To protect bamboo against UV ageing/weathering.

Bamboo Booster: 
To nourish bamboo and give it a beautiful deep colour.

Bamboo Topcoat: 
To protect bamboo panels against wear, stains and discolouration.

Ground Protector: 
To protect bamboo poles placed in the ground from wood rot.

Bamboo Shield: 
To protect bamboo terrace and wall boards from ageing/weathering.
Bamboo Soil ProtectorBamboo Soil ProtectorBamboo Soil ProtectorBamboo Soil ProtectorBamboo Soil Protectorbamboo-ground-protector
Bamboo is a durable product that you naturally want to keep beautiful when placed outside in the garden.
Therefore, we recommend to maintain bamboo (just like wood) regularly.

We have developed a range of special bamboo care products that nourish and protect your bamboo materials so that it extends the life of your products considerably.

Did you not apply a care product at a previous purchase and did the bamboo start to turn grey?
No problem, we have also developed a range of products for this that can restore the original colour.
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