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bamboo garden fences

A bamboo fence for a real garden metamorphosis

Are you looking for a beautiful bamboo fence for your garden? Then you are at the right place at Bamboo Import. Choose easily from different styles, colours and sizes and order easily in our webshop. 

We deliver quickly and inexpensively to homes throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. You are working on a fence in the garden and looking for a beautiful bamboo fence? 

Simply choose from different styles, colours and sizes and order easily via our webshop. We deliver quickly and inexpensively to homes throughout the Netherlands and Belgium.
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  • Bamboo screen semi-circular Natural - image2
  • Bamboo Screen Half Round Black- image3
  • Bamboo Screen Half Round Black - image1


In contrast to flexible bamboo mats on a roll Bamboo screens are fixed panels of which the bamboo canes are connected to each other by means of horizontal bamboo skewers. This creates strong and robust garden fences that can be placed between wooden garden posts.

So are you laying out a new garden? Or do you have an old fence that you want to replace? Then a bamboo fence can be a very beautiful solution. It is a natural product that can be easily processed. Bamboo poles The bamboo screens are naturally closed at the top, so it is not necessary to place a cover strip at the top. Furthermore, a bamboo garden fence is easy to make to size.

Do you have an existing neighbour's fence to take into account? No problem, it is also possible to install bamboo fence parts against a fence. With a bamboo garden fence, the garden gets a beautiful, exotic and especially summery look.

Because we produce all our bamboo garden fences ourselves in China and Indonesia, we can always guarantee the best quality and the cheapest price.

Easily order a bamboo garden fence

An order for a bamboo screen is easy to place in our webshop. We have different colours available, such as natural and black. It is also possible to choose bamboo screens with semi-circular poles. You choose the right colour, the right size, the number of panels you need and place your order.

If you choose Bamboo Import, you choose the best quality, the lowest price and direct import. So you know for sure that you are choosing the best and most competitively priced bamboo garden fences.

More information about the installation of bamboo garden fences and the associated fixing materials and maintenance products can be found in the product description of each product.

If after reading the information on this page you still have questions or if you would like a custom quote, please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course you are also welcome to see the bamboo fences and pick them up directly at our location in Beverwijk.

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