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A selection of our favourite products

Bamboo Pergola


740 - 580

Bamboo screen

Giant Black

110 - 205

Bamboo mat


13.99 - 35.99

Bamboo screen

Slats Natural

12.49 - 25

Reed mats Classic

on reel

29.99 - 54.99

Bamboo screen

Semicircular Black

47.99 - 89.99


Decking boards Thermo


Bamboo Esterilla

Bamboo mat


Special offers

Palm thatch

of palm leaves

8.99 - 15.99

Bamboo screen

Semicircular Natural

47.99 - 69.99

Reed mats Unpinned

on reel

12.49 - 27.49

Reed mats Extra Thick

on reel

6.99 - 47.49

Bamboo pole


7.99 - 46.99

Bamboo mat


13.99 - 35.99

Wire netting panel galvanised 180 x 180 cm


Bamboo mat

Regular Black

34.99 - 94.99


Plate Caramel

549.99 - 89.99

Hardwood pole

Azobe Planed 85 x 85mm - 275cm


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bamboo import

Bamboo Import is the largest importer and supplier of bamboo building materials in Europe, both for individuals and companies. With more than 40 years of combined experience at home and abroad, we are known as bamboo specialist, and supplier of excellent quality and service.

Due to the increasing popularity of bamboo products in Europe, we have grown tremendously in recent years. From our head office and warehouse in Beverwijk, the Netherlands, we can deliver quickly and efficiently all over Europe.

what we pledge

The best quality bamboo materials
Direct import
Fair prices to suppliers
Wide range of bamboo products
Warehouse with 5000 m² of stock
Focus on CO2 reduction
Free professional advice
Fast delivery within 3-7 days

Bamboo import projects

We handle many special projects each year. Here is a small overview for inspiration

why bamboo?

Bamboo is a great natural product. Good for people and the environment. Strong in many ways. For thousands of years.
And now even more so. Because the planting of bamboo helps substantially against the threat of global warming.

For example, a bamboo forest reduces CO2 emissions by 35% more than a forest of ordinary trees (of the same size, of course). And because we do business with local bamboo farmers all over the world, and give them fair prices directly, our trade also helps to reduce poverty in developing countries.

Your purchase of bamboo from us therefore makes a genuine contribution to a better world.


Higher tensile strength than certain steel alloys and higher compressive strength than some concrete mixes.


In addition to being a versatile building material, it is also a basic raw material for the wood, paper, food and textile industries.

Fast growing

The fastest growing bamboo grows up to 91 cm per day. Giant bamboo grows to a height of 30 m in just 6 months.


Bamboo is a grass and continues to grow indefinitely. Every year 30% can be selectively harvested from a plantation.


Warm and exotic in its round shape and with a luxurious hardwood look in its pressed version.

Environmentally friendly

Bamboo forest converts about 35% more CO2 into oxygen than a hectare of ordinary trees.

Habitat Protection

Bamboo forests provide a home for many species that are in danger of losing their habitat due to deforestation.

co2 reservoir

Holds enormous amounts of carbon.
Up to 600 tonnes per hectare (over a period of 30 years).

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Bringing the Quality of Bamboo to Europe

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Compensate CO2 with Bamboo Credits
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