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For the planet, our partners and employees

Bamboo Import specializes in producing, importing and selling bamboo products worldwide. We buy our bamboo directly from the source and sell it directly to the end user without the use of middlemen. This unique approach allows us to guarantee the best quality at the lowest prices.

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The strategy not only benefits our customers, it also improves the living standards of our bamboo suppliers abroad. Farmers and artisans are paid above-market prices because the fees that would otherwise be paid to agents or brokers now flow directly to the bamboo suppliers.

Our mission

One of our spearheads is a focus on environmentally friendly and socially responsible business practices. For example, we invest heavily in building new and better infrastructure for handling and stocking our products in Indonesia and South America.These investments especially benefit the rural areas and population, because we buy the raw bamboo poles directly from local farmers. It is very important that these people receive a fair price for their annual bamboo harvest (only mature poles are cut) to ensure the preservation of bamboo forests.Through this strategy we see that local people are now paying attention to the replanting or better maintenance of bamboo forests while this plant was traditionally seen as a crop with no financial value that had to be removed in order to engage in animal husbandry for example (one of the main causes of the global deforestation problem). So, as a customer, you contribute directly to these positive developments.