Bamboe Vlonderplanken: Het duurzame alternatief

Bamboo Decking Boards: the sustainable alternative

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Bamboo Decking Boards are an environmentally friendly and sustainable material. Plus, Bamboo Decking Boards look beautiful and can be installed with the same tools as wood decking boards.

All our Bamboo Decking Boards are impregnated for outdoor use. They fall into durability class 1 (>25 years), are fire retardant, low formaldehyde, salt water resistant and mildew resistant.

Bamboo Decking Boards are high density and made from compressed bamboo fibers, making them one of the strongest, toughest and most durable materials on the market.

Our Bamboo Decking Boards fall into the highest durability class (+25 years) and are extremely hard, wear-resistant, dimensionally and torsionally rigid, and have a high fire safety rating. In addition, they are also environmentally friendly, as they are made from an amazing and inexhaustible raw material.

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